Video Gallery of Upratna /Semiprecious Gemstones set in Rings and pendants

1) Red Garnet - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Sun

The brilliance of the Sun is hard to hide. It comes gloriously through in this 2.79 carat natural, treatment free Red Garnet from Mozambique, Africa. The gem has been set in 22 Karat gold, which abundantly highlights its beauty. Mozambique, its place pf origin is one in the equatorial region that receives abundant Sun energy. Red garnet is the superior alternative / substitute gem for ruby.

2) Blue Moonstone - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Moon

Natural Blue moonstone of 4.65 carats of Indian origin. It is an oval cabochon cut with phenomenal adularescence.. This upratna has been set in Sterling Silver as a pendant.

Blue moonstone, also known as the chandrakant mani in Hindi is the upratna or the substitute gem for harnessing the energies of Moon/ Chandra. It is used as a substitute gem for natural pearl.

3) Peridot - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Mercury

Natural and treatment free Peridot of 3.47 carats from Pakistan set in Sterling silver as a Mercury Talisman ring. The oval cut peridot gem is a luscious golden olivine green in color and has remarkable clarity and electric lustre. The remarkable thing about this ornate peridot ring is the sheer beauty the diamond simulants impart to the gem.

Peridot is the substitute gem for Natural emerald / panna and is used to harness the planetary energies of Mercury/ Budh. The metaphysical properties of peridot are largely admired and the gem has tremendous value in gem therapy and crystal healing.

4) Yellow Topaz - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Jupiter

Imperial Golden Yellow topaz of 4.99 carats set in Sterling silver as a Jupiter Talisman ring. The fully natural and treatment free, imperial golden yellow topaz has a premium color with excellent clarity and matchless lustre. The gem is cushion cut and has a fantastic jyotish weight.

Imperial Golden yellow topaz is the substitute gem for natural yellow sapphire or Pukhraj. It is a gem of Jupiter also known as Guru/ Brihaspati, who is the mentor of the gods.

5) Heliodor - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Jupiter

Natural heliodor of 2.95 carats from Brazil, set in sterling silver as a Jupiter talisman. The natural heliodor is eye clean and has and great lustre, not to mention the saatvik resonating energies of guru within it.

Natural heliodor is the substitute gem or upratna for Jupiter also known as Brihaspati/ Guru and provides an alternative for Natural Yellow Sapphire or pukhraj, which is the main gemstone of Jupiter.

6) Iolite - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Saturn

Fantastic natural Iolite from Madagascar. The gem weighs 2.45 carats and has been set in Sterling silver as a pendant. The iolite is a deep violet blue in colour and is as intriguing as an iolite should be.

Iolite is also known as neeli in Hindi and is the gem of the consort of Lord Saturn or Shani and therefore is known as Shanipriya also. Iolite is the substitute gem for natural Blue sapphire.

7) Amethyst - Superior Semi Precious Gemstone for Saturn

Gorgeous Amethysts from Brazil to warm your heart. Nearly eye clean.For a gem to be Jyotish Quality it has to be beautiful, lustrous, full of that special spark that empowers it to work like a Vedic Gem besides being fully natural and unheated. Enjoy the amazing healing powers of fine untreated gems having lovely color.

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